De Actuaris: Covid-19 and its impact on Italian mortality
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Numerous analyses have been carried out in Italy since the beginning of the pandemic, to study its behaviour and try to predict its progress. One of the central themes of the analyses is certainly the impact that this virus can have on mortality respect to the situation in absence of Covid-19 considering also the “indirect effect” of Pandemic. Think, for example, of people who die from other diseases, because they could not find a hospital bed or because they did not go there for fear of contagion, or the reduction of road fatalities or accidents at work due to the lockdown in Italy.

Publicatiedatum:16 december 2020
Auteur:Crenca, G. (Giampaolo), Leone, D. (Donato) en Simonelli, V. (Vincenzo)
Gepubliceerd in:Uitgave 28-2
Document: DA-28-2-art.Crenca Leone Simonelli.pdf (132,74 KB)
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