Webinar Latest developments regarding Liquidity Risk Regulation


Tijd 14.30 - 16.30 uur |Aangevraagd voor 2 PE punten | Prijs Euro 149



So far the prudential regulation was focused on solvency coverage. This is currently changing as regulators are considering further regulation on liquidity risk. IAIS, within the broader measures stemming from the Holistic Framework for systemic risk, addressed the liquidity risk in its Insurance Core Principles and a specific application paper on the liquidity risk management is going to be published soon.

Moreover regulators have tightened the monitoring of liquidity risk at local and EU level.



This lecture gives you an unique opportunity to understand the background and the future development of the liquidity assessment. Dr. Sottocornola will give an overview over the regulatory considerations and discuss envisaged timelines. He will also cover technical aspects and the main challenges of liquidity risk.


In the second part of the lecture Dr. van den Brink will discuss the experiences in the banking sector since 2008. In the so-called Basel III regulation liquidity risk was organised differently. The new liquidity ratios and the challenges around the implementation will be discussed to derive practical lessons for the be insurance industry.


A moderated discussion will be an important part of the lectures and attendees are invited to participate.


Please note that this lecture is conducted in English. However, it will be possible to ask questions in Dutch, which will then be translated by the moderator.



  • dr. Matteo Sottocornola, Senior Expert Financial Stability, EIOPA
  • dr. Gerrit Jan van den Brink, CRO, Standardlife International



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