Do you want to start using R? Learn R by doing, oriented to actuaries! (online)


Time: 13.30 to 16.30 hr | Accredited for 3 PE-points | Price Euro 399

Target audience

Learn R by doing, oriented to actuaries!

Actuarial professionals who would like to start working with the software R.

This workshop has a maximum of 12 participants, guided by a team of two instructors. The webinar is provided in English.


Learning outcomes

You’ll come out of this course with basic understanding of R as an environment for data handling, data exploration and data visualization. Via a set of hands-on demonstrations and exercises you first study the basics of the R syntax, you will explore RStudio as an integrated development environment for R programming and learn about R packages. You explore the different types of objects, data structures and data types used in R. Then, you focus on working with data sets in R; import, export, data manipulations, data cleaning and wrangling. You will meet powerful packages such as data.table and the packages from the tidyverse. Finally, you will use R to create various types of insightful graphics and discover the basics of writing and using functions in R.


The course is designed for new R users, no prior knowledge is required.



With hands-on examples and exercises you will explore the following topics

  • R universe
  • Object and data types, syntax
  • Working with data: data import and export, data wrangling
  • Data visualization
  • Conditionals and control flow
  • Functions


Break-out rooms and breaks of 15 minutes will be used to provide individual support.



You have two options to join the coding exercises covered during the workshop. Either you join the RStudio cloud workspace dedicated to the workshop, and then you’ll run R in the cloud, from your browser. Or you use your local installation of R and RStudio.


You will receive detailed instructions upon registration.


Logging in for the webinar

One day before the webinar you will receive your unique login code for the webinar program Zoom Pro. The webinar starts at 1.30 PM. We request that you log in on time, which is possible from 1.15 PM.


Activating all security options makes Zoom Pro a safe, online platformClick to see what we will send you follow the webinar.



Prof. dr. Katrien Antonio is professor of actuarial science at the KU Leuven and associate professor at the University of Amsterdam.


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