IAAHS & Singapore Actuarial Society Health Conference (2 dagen)




This hybrid conference, jointly organized by the Singapore Actuarial Society (SAS) and International Actuarial Association Health Section (IAAHS), will address topics such as Managing Healthcare Cost, Making Healthcare Affordable and Preparing Healthcare for the future.


Day 1 - September 20


  • Keynote: AI in Healthcare; Promise and Peril
  • The Cost of Mental I'll Health; Implications for Product Design and Pricing
  • Towards a More Sustainable Model of Healthcare in Asia

Day 2 - September 21


  • Actuaries in InsurTech
  • Genetics and Life Insurance: Striking the Balance
  • The Price of Success? Longer, Slower, and More Costly Trajectories at the End of Life
  • Healthcare Spending Attributable to Modifiable Risk Factors: An Economic Attribution Analysis


This will be followed by a 2-day IAAHS & ASTIN Technical Workshop on Reserving and Pricing.


For more information, please visit: www.actuaries.org/IAA/Singapore2021

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