AAE-webinar: New AAE Core Syllabus




AAE Full Member Associations received the proposal for a new AAE Core Syllabus on 2 January 2019, as well as accompanying guidelines. In the recent months the proposal was extensively discussed. This webinar is intended to give a short overview on syllabus and guidelines, to outline the implementation and the requirements to comply with the syllabus content.


The proposed AAE Core Syllabus has been developed on the basis of the new IAA Education Syllabus. It can be expected that the IAA will accept member associations of the AAE as being automatically compliant with the requirements of the IAA regarding education. This would then reduce the workload of every national association in fulfilling the requirements of our supranational umbrella organisations.


The new AAE Core Syllabus will be presented for approval by the AAE General Assembly on 11 October 2019.


This webinar is suited for representatives of actuarial associations who want to get informed about the proposed changes to the AAE education requirements as well as providers of actuarial education.


Questions can be submitted via chat throughout the webinar or upfront via henning.wergen@aktuar.de. More information and registration>>

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