Premaster EMAS

A new generation of actuaries

Our premaster programme (PrEMAS) is your ticket to the EMAS and excellent career prospects. To know which requirements you need to meet for admission to the master’s programme EMAS, please contact the programme coordinator for a personal advice based on your previous education. This study advice is free of charge and without any obligations.


You need to have a (quantitative) bachelor’s degree to be admitted in our premaster programme. Your personal programme will be composed of one or more modules of the following six subjects and in some cases students can enter the EMAS directly:


  1. Mathematical methods for actuaries
  2. Quantitative & Corporate Finance
  3. Probability theory and statistics for actuaries
  4. Econometrics and Academic Skills
  5. Actuarial Science
  6. Macro- & Microeconomics


Lectures in the study year 2021-2022 take place on Mondays (afternoon & evening), except for PrEMAS 4 (Tuesday evening) and start on Monday 30 August (PrEMAS 6) and Tuesday 31 August for PrEMAS 1. The remaining lectures of PrEMAS 1 are on Mondays.


More information


or contact our programme coordinator Leandra Pennartz (030-6866190). 


Covid-19 policy: more information (in Dutch)


PrEMAS 2 - Corporate Finance and Quantitative Finance


This course gives an introduction in Quantitative and Corporate Finance. Participants will acquire knowledge of widely used derivates in the balance sheet management of pension funds and insurers, like futures and swaps. Subsequently, different option contracts (European and American call options) and the option valuation method based on binomial trees will be introduced. This knowledge forms the starting point of the standard model of quantitative finance; the Black-Scholes-Merton model.


The Corporate Finance part of the course addresses questions such as: which investment projects are optimal to undertake? And how should firms and their investment projects be financed? To this end, topics as capital structure, cost of capital, investment return measurement and dividend policies are covered.


Entry requirement

PrEMAS 1 or equivalent.



Mandatory literature to be purchased by the student:


  • Quantiative Finance: Options, Futures and other Derivates, John C. Hull
    ISBN: 9781292212890
  • Corporate Finance:

    Corporate Finance, Fifth Edition, Jonathan Berk / Peter DeMarzo

    Uitgever: Pearson Education Limited
    ISBN: 9781292304151

  • Lecture and exam schedule will be published in the group page



  • Wilbert Ouburg - Corporate Finance
  • Koos Gubbels - Quantitative Finance 


Important to know:

  • Lectures start on Monday 10 Januari 2022.
  • The lecture schedule will be published in the group page which you can access after enrollment.
  • Exams are planned on the following dates:
    - exam CF: 7 March 2022
    - resit CF: 11 April 2022
    - exam QF: 16 May 2022
    - resit QF: 20 June 2022
    Please note that these dates are preliminary
  • The first 7 lectures are dedicated to Corporate Finance, the remaining 8 lectures to Quantitavie Finance.
  • The costs for the module are €3325.

PrEMAS 2 - Corporate Finance and Quantitative Finance

Kosten module inclusief examen€ 3325
Kosten herexamen€ 200
Alle kosten zijn inclusief modulekosten, weblectures en toegang tot de digitale leeromgeving en het examen. De kosten zijn exclusief het aan te schaffen lesmateriaal, zie hiervoor het tabblad lesstof.

Voor een examen of herexamen dient u zich apart in te schrijven.

Deze prijzen gelden voor het studiejaar 2021-2022 en zijn onder voorbehoud van wijzigingen.

Op deze kosten zijn de Algemene Voorwaarden van het Actuarieel Instituut van toepassing.




PrEMAS 2 Quantitative Finance and Corporate FinanceJohan de Witt huis (Utrecht)10-01-2022

Examen PrEMAS 2 Deel Corporate FinanceJohan de Witt huis (Utrecht)07-03-2022
HERExamen PrEMAS 2 Deel Corporate Finance Johan de Witt huis (Utrecht)11-04-2022
Examen PrEMAS 2 Deel Corporate FinanceJohan de Witt huis (Utrecht)11-04-2022
Examen PrEMAS 2 deel Quantitative FinanceJohan de Witt huis (Utrecht)16-05-2022
HERExamen PrEMAS 2 deel Quantitative Finance Johan de Witt huis (Utrecht)20-06-2022