Board Koninklijk Actuarieel Actuarieel Genootschap

The board of Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap (AG) is responsible for management of the Association, and initiating and ensuring implementation of AG activities. In addition, board members remain in regular contact with various organizations within the pensions and insurance industry, and with (central) government departments and agencies.


The board of AG consists of five members (May 2017). Board members are nominated by the Nomination Committee, and elected by the members by the General Assembly. Board members are appointed for a two-year period.


Drs. Ron van Oijen AAG


Drs. Lotte van Delft AAG

Vice chair

Drs. Marcel van Delft AAG



Drs. Ronald Doornbos AAG

Drs. Arnold Jager AAG






Photos: Fotografie Jacques Kok